FANUC Technical Guides & Sales Brochures

Whether you are looking for your first FANUC robot or a experienced user this page has something for you.

FANUC Accuracy Enhancement

The perfect tool to make your robot more accurate or recover calibration after it was lost.

FANUC Through Arc Seam Tracking (TAST)

A simple but effective Tool TAST using current to seek and follow the weld joint.

Adaptive Welding

Nothing is more adaptive than a experienced manul welder, but addingĀ  Lasers capable of measuring the joint are the next best thing.

Servo Robot

Servo Robot provides the third party Software and Hardware required for Laser Seam Tracking and Position Finding.


FUJI-Cam is FANUC's solution to providing a simplified and integrated solution to the Servo Robot Laser Tracking.

FANUC & Servo Robot Calibration Procedure

Proper calibration is paramount to Servo Robot correctly following the weld joint, use this simple 10 point method.

IR TorchMate

FANUC's Integrated Solution to correcting the TCP for either a bent neck or wire deviation.

Servo Torch

FANUC's Integrated Solution to welding Aluminum provides the controls and consistency to be successfull.


Production needs not allowing you time at the robot cell to program the new part? With WeldPRO you can program your robot from anywhere.

FANUC Robot Grease

Grease needs to be changed at least every three years, make sure that you are using the correct grease or risk damaging your machine.