fanuc dual arm controller

Design & Sales of New FANUC Arc Welding Robots

We do not believe in a singular solution to fit all applications, our focus is on designing the simplest solution to ensure your success with robotic welding. WeldBot custom engineers and manufactures robotic weld cells to the customers application and requirements.

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Advanced FANUC Programming with KAREL and TPP

With a core focus on FANUC programming our Technicians have the skill and experience to be successful regardless of the application challenges.

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Weld Development that Exceeds your customers requirements

Every Technician on our staff has over 15 years of welding experience, coupled with in house CWI's we can develop the procedures to satisfy any welding specification. From low-alloy steel, high grade stainless, to aluminum and more.

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Complete FANUC Solutions

WeldBot focuses on the most challenging application in Robotics, Arc-Welding. With this focus we are better able to meet the challenges associated with welding more so than any other FANUC Integrator. Robotics and Welding each require their own expertise, when you combine them a new and unique subset of skills are required to be successful.

With being brand exclusive to FANUC and not trying to know every available robot platform we truly understand the FANUC controller and can push the limits as needed.

FANUC is the most sold robot in the world, welding holds our world together, WeldBot knows both better than anybody else.

FANUC arc welding robot