From the article, “Can I Afford Robots and Automation?” In today’s manufacturing environment, small and medium-sized shops are challenged to automate their production lines in order to compete with larger companies. The perception has always been that robotic automation required a hefty investment, so with an economic head start, only large companies with deep pockets were able to introduce advanced technologies to their processes. Luckily for smaller companies, recent advances in robots & automation have made them more accessible, simple to use, & affordable.

There are many financial aspects to consider before upgrading a manufacturing process, but with the emergence of more user-friendly robotics & other advanced technologies, automation has become more accessible, even for small shops. As baby boomers continue to retire at a rapid pace, smaller businesses are taking a big hit, more so than their larger counterparts. However, as more companies embrace automation technologies they will be much more likely to compete.

For example, robots are versatile and efficient. They perform two or more functions at once and can be reprogrammed for different tasks as production needs change. Using robots not only helps companies offset their labor shortage, but they also provide a variety of advantages that improve production, including higher operating speeds, increased quality, reduced waste, etc.

If you’re still on the fence about automating your system, ask yourself the following:

Do we have a difficult time finding employees to do certain tasks?

How extensive is our labor pool?

What is preventing us from growing our business?

Do we measure overall equipment effectiveness, and if so, how?

After reviewing these questions, do you find yourself struggling to find an answer?

The solution may be automation. Introducing robotics optimizes production, allows employees to focus on higher priority and highly skilled tasks, increases productivity, and enables your business to grow.

Source: @fanucamerica

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